Our wholesale supply stretches over a vast area including numerous counties and with a large selection of many different products. This puts us in the unique position where by we are able to supply all manner of different business and outlets and cater to their specific needs.We supply local shops and post offices with both our cake and bread ranges for sales direct to their customers. We also deliver direct to catering outlets, schools and colleges. We also supply sandwich bars, cafés, hotels, restaurants and mobile caterers. Each of these different customers, depending on their needs, use different products from our range which we’ve worked hard on expanding to meet all our customers’ needs with quality products at very competitive prices. But the building blocks of our supply are built heavily on our quality bread which our customers are first attracted by.

Our goals in wholesale supply are to cater to our customer needs in every way that we can. We achieve this through a variety of ways both through the products we supply and the service that we offer. We work with our customer so they can get the best deal for them and the products that they need.

Many of our customers are supplied with products which we make specifically for them and know one else. These products which are designed to meet there needs are tailored to their specifications so no customer will need to just settle for a product that isn’t all that they are looking for.

Our unique selling point is a combination of our products and services. We endeavour to supply our customers 365 days a year come rain or shine, sleet or snow with a quality product. We do this as we believe no matter the weather or circumstances every customer should receive exactly what they’ve ordered when they order it.

We also strive to offer the best quality product using the best available ingredients to create a product we are proud to supply and our customers to use. We work with the customer to find the best product to suit their needs, if one product doesn’t exactly satisfy the customer we offer alternatives or can create one to specifically meet their needs as every customer is important to us.

We supply many different types of customers many of which are parts of large organisations. A few of our key customers are:
Spar, Londis, Wyevale, Boswells Coffee

Products & Prices

At Halls Bakery we offer many products to suit everybody’s needs and budgets. We offer quality products that are value for money, such as our value cake and bread range.
We also offer a top line range of cakes. Some of these are our handmade quality sponges, baked and finished by hand for a truly high quality sponge.
Also at Halls Bakery we offer a large selection of seasonal products and great deals.

Ranges we offer

Branded Bread – Kingsmill, Braces, Hovis, Mothers Pride
Traditional Crusty Bread – Sandwich Loaf, Cobs, Bloomers, Split, Farmhouse, Cottage Loaf, Rye Bread
Speciality Bread – Ciabatta, Brioche, Foccacia, Flavoured Bread, Overnight Bread, Tea Breads
Rolls & Baguettes – Brown, Granary, Dinner Rolls, Baps, Long Rolls, Cottage Rolls, Bridge Rolls, French Sticks
Morning Goods – Doughnuts, Chelsea Buns, Belgium Buns, Devon Splits, Lardies, Croissants
Confectionary – Scones, Danish
Snacks – Flapjacks, Muffins, Margaret Hall, Slices
Pies & Pasties – Varied Pasties, Sausage Rolls, Frazzles
Traditional Cakes – Bar, Cakes, Handmade Sponges, Tarts, Large Cakes
Cakes – Value Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Slices
11” Cakes – Tarts, Sponges, Shortbread, Pies
Traybakes – Tarts, Sponges, Shortbread, Pies
Also Available – Crumpets, English Muffins, Pan Au Chocolate, Pan Au Raisin