About Halls Bakery

About Us

As a well established bakery for over 100 years we know how to make quality bread that will taste great and keep your customers supplied with a loaf they will enjoy day after day.

We’ve achieved this through a few basic principles we’ve stuck to, as we believe in quality. We source quality ingredients such as our flour which we source from local suppliers.

One of our flour suppliers are Shipton Mill, a miller near Tetbury which offers a vast range of organic flours.
We offer excellent customer service and employ highly skilled bakers, to produce our bread that we are so pleased with.
We endeavor at all times to supply our customers with a product we are proud of and one they’ll be proud to use. The customer is key in our business so we always strive to improve our services and products to meet the customer’s high demands and expectations.

Established in 1902 J.Hall & Son Bakers is a 4th generation family run business. It was originally started in the Cotswold village of Minchinhampton by Mr. John Hall and his son Edward Hall. The original bakery was set up to deliver fresh quality baked bread to homes in Minchinhampton and neighbouring villages.

About 22 years ago Halls Bakery moved on from door to door deliveries and from Minchinhampton into a much larger purpose built unit with modern methods of producing the same quality loaves the bakery stood for at the start. This is where we are today. From the new bakery we branched out into wholesale supply including catering shops, hotels, restaurants and convenience stores.

At present we employ 60 employees all in and around the local area. A large amount of these employees are situated in our bakery. The employees at the bakery include our trained bakers and confectioners and the office staff which are there for customer support and to obtain customer orders.

Also at the bakery we have 9 delivery vans. Of these vans 6 go out each morning 6 days a week to deliver our freshly baked bread from the oven, direct to all our customers. The other 3 vans are part of our Cotswold Cookie Company which goes from shop to shop supplying a vast range of morning goods, cakes and bread.

Our delivery vans cover a vast area as our customer base stretches over Avon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxon, Warwickshire and the M4 Corridor.